Golf balls as good as new?

As a regular golfer, what is one of your biggest frustrations? We know it is the loss of perfectly good golf balls when you hook that shot, or hit it into the lake. Are we right? How would it be if instead of paying $6 a ball you were paying just $3 or less. Of course, the quality has to be there and you want a golf ball that you know and trust, right? 

We have been retrieving perfectly useable golf balls and putting them back into play. And we do this for around half the price of a brand new ball. Interested, then read on!

A lot of the balls we salvage are one hit wonders!

You can hardly tell the difference between balls from Good as New Golf Balls and new ones off the shelf. The quality of our balls simply is that good. The only real difference is the price. Because we sort and grade each ball.

Good as New Golf Balls sources its products from only the best quality golf courses throughout Brisbane. We ensure the quality with rigorous testing. When the retrieved golf balls pass our testing do they go for packaging and to our warehouse for distribution.

Our customers expect the best and we are determined to give them just that. That’s why Good as New Golf Balls sells only premium, top, and A-grade used golf balls, and only the latest models. one of golf

By golfers for golfers

All of the balls at Good as New Golf Balls are meticulously washed, sorted, and graded into categories. Keen golfers – people who understand the importance of quality – perform the work.

Good for the holiday golfer
through to high-handicap

Second hand balls from Good As New Golf Balls are a perfect solution for the holiday golfer, or the high-handicap golfer.

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Bridgestone 2nd hand Golf Balls

Nike Recycled Golf Balls

Srixon Near New Golf Balls

Wilson 2nd hand Golf Balls

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