Why choose Good As New Golf Balls

We believe in delivering fantastic quality and great service. Good as New Golf Balls strives to do this with every interaction and every transaction.

Our business commenced some years ago and is led by our CEO, Don Munro. He hooked another ball into the lake at his local golf course and wondered how many balls were in there. He partnered with a commercial diver and realised there were thousands.

Golf course

They were perfectly useable golf balls, just difficult to get to! So, he set in motion the business that became Good as New Golf Balls.

Our recycled balls are among the best in Queensland. Our superior grading system and our exceptional customer service is what sets us apart.

We work really hard to ensure that all balls are graded to the highest standards. Any that don’t meet those standards are discarded, ecologically so as to not harm the environment.

We regularly receive emails from customers who have purchased from us saying how happy they are. They are pleased that they found us. They regularly say how surprised they are by the high quality of our grading

We supply golfers and pro shops alike. Once you become a client we know you will never buy another brand new golf ball again! Priced at around half the cost of a new golf balls we are confident enough of the quality to offer a money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Great for you or as a gift, we deliver Australia wide and can cater for orders large or small.

If you are calling from a Pro Shop or Golf Course and are looking to purchase more than 5 units please contact us directly. We can make an order up which exactly meets your needs at a price that will delight.